Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

The Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Sherpa Social Project

In 2012, Giripremi initiated the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj memorial at 17000 ft. and started a social project for the Sherpa community in the Everest region. Since 2012 numerous social work projects are being conducted for the welfare of the Sherpa community

Key Projects:

– Providing Solar lights in the rural area in the Everest region

– Supporting school educations of several Sherpa kids

– Supporting higher education of several Sherpa kids in association with Aseem Foundation, Pune

– Taking care of health and providing essential medical treatments to Sherpa climbers with the help of Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital, Pune

Rescue and Relief Work :

Nepal Earthquake 2015

After a devastating Earthquake in Nepal, Giripremi’s team reached remote areas to carry out rescue and relief work. Giripremi’s Everester, skilled mountaineers and several other members conducted rescue and relief work for two weeks and helped numerous low-income families affected by the Earthquake. Giripremi distributed food, set up temporary shelters and provided medical help to the affected people. 3.5 tonnes of food was distributed in outskirts on Kathmandu only. Giripremi also raised more than 20 lacs rupees for Nepali brothers and sisters and helped in rebuilding their lives

Uttarakhand Tragedy 2013

Uttarakhand witnessed one of the most dreadful cloudbursts in 2013. Along with the Government, several organizations carried out relief work in affected areas. However, remote and hilly areas didn’t get the help they needed until Giripremi decided to pipe in. Giripremi’s skilled mountaineers and rescuer, who had certification in rescue and relief work in hilly areas worked tirelessly for more than ten days in Kumau Himalaya near India, Nepal, and Tibet border to rescue and rehabilitate hundreds of people. Giripremi built a temporary bridge in mountains which helped to connect around 20 villages which didn’t get any help due to connectivity.

Leh Cloud Burst 2010

One of the remotest Civil Hospital lost contact with the mainland due to massive cloudburst in Leh in 2010. Giripremi’s skilled mountaineers and rescuers worked day-in-day-out and built a temporary bridge to bring back normalcy at Civil Hospital. In addition, Giripremi members participated in blood donation camps to make sure adequate blood is stored.

Konkan Floods 2005

Giripremi’s climbers and rescuers helped government departments in rescue and relief work in July 2005. The impact of the floods was such that remote and uphill locations lost contact to the base, thus officials unable to reach affected areas. Giripremi’s climbers showed exemplary skills of climbing and reached the location to carry out rescue and relief work along with documentative investigation.  

Uttarkashi Earthquake 1991

Uttarkashi located in the Himalayas witnessed a disastrous earthquake in 1991. Hundreds of families became homeless. Their routine life was shattered in a few moments.  Giripremi members Ushaprabha Page, Jayant Tulpule, Uday Kalvankar, Moreshwar Kulkarni and others understood the gravity of the situation and went to Uttarkashi to carry out relief and rescue work. The team worked for 4-5 days in affected areas. They also distributed clothes, food in the relief camps.

Mt. Satopanth Expedition 1986

Giripremi’s leading climbers organized an expedition on Mt. Satopanth (7075m), one of the toughest mountains in the Himalayan region. The expedition was unsuccessful, and unfortunately, Giripremi lost four of its key members due to the avalanche on the route of Mt. Satopanth. Their dead bodies were buried in the snow. In such a grief situation, Giripremi’s members carried out recovery operation to recover the dead bodies from remotest locations. The operation conducted by the Giripremi team was commendable considering the scenario. It was recognized by Indian Mountaineering Foundation (IMF), they published a detailed article in IMF journal.